Palo Alto, CA, September 10, 2015: Mobile Health launches Apple Watch App to guide consumers through the healthcare system.

With Mobile Health for Apple Watch, consumers get personalized health alerts, reminders, education, communications, and incentives from across the healthcare system including from their health plan, employer, and physician.

With a light tap on the wrist, the Mobile Health app for Apple Watch alerts users to actions they can take to maintain and improve their health, identify providers of health-related services, and reward them for taking healthy actions. This includes reminders to get a physical, opportunities to earn incentives from their employer, quick access to view their HSA balance, and more.


“Health plans, employers, and providers have struggled to engage individuals in their health. At the same time, consumers are rapidly adopting and engaging with personal mobile and wearable devices. Mobile Health is a leader in engaging healthcare consumers with new and emerging technologies.” Commented John Halloran, CEO Mobile Health, Inc.

Mobile Health uses Apple Watch’s “Hand-off” technology allowing for a seamless and intuitive consumer user experience.

In its first year of availability, Apple shipped 3.6 million watches in the last quarter vs. 4.4 million Fitbits, representing a 19% market share. Overall, wearable shipments increased 223% over the same quarter last year. “Apple will become the stick against which other wearables are measured, and competing vendors need to stay current or ahead of Apple”, according to IDC Research Manager Ramon Llamas.

About Mobile Health:  Mobile Health is a mobile-first Population Health, Wellness, and Consumerism Platform designed for health plans, employers, and providers who want to stay connected to their members through technology. We believe that technology will continue to play a dominant role in the transformation of healthcare to a more consumer centric marketplace. Technology simplifies personal healthcare and guides consumers to what they need, when then need it on the device they prefer. The result is healthier populations that are accountable for their health, allowing health plans, employers, and providers a measurable way to manage risk and cost.

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