Digital Health & Wellbeing Solutions

Mobile Health meets you where you are. Our low-code and highly configurable solutions support your programs the way they are designed rather than forcing your programs to fit our environment. 

You get the support you need and the flexibility to make changes on demand, which reduces setup costs and headaches. This accelerates implementation, so you can get the member engagement needed to control healthcare costs.

Our Solutions

Our digital health and wellbeing technology focuses on bringing together personalized benefits management, health and wellbeing, communications, personalized rewards, and analytics to meet everyone’s needs.

Healthcare readily available at everyone’s fingertips

Employee experience across the digital ecosystem
Assistance navigating benefits summary and important documents
Personalized content for each wellbeing journey
Flexible and customizable rewards programs

Real-time, data-driven insights

“Mobile Health is great! They are helping us execute our multi-carrier incentive & communications program — something we really struggled with before Mobile Health.”

Discover a Simpler Way

See how Mobile Health makes it simple to reduce your risk and engage employees in healthy behaviors.