Analytics and Dashboards

Data is only useful when it’s accessible and timely. HR and organizational leaders need real-time reporting and analytics to make critical decisions and better understand the cultural health of their company.

Mobile Health provides real-time, aggregated dashboards and reports to ensure you’re able to make informed decisions about health and wellbeing strategies that can dramatically impact business performance.

Standard Reports

Mobile Health provides standard reports that aggregate views of employees’ biometrics by risk level, ideal/normal biometrics year-over-year, risk for disease vs. national average by employee, incentive costs and current payout, employee participation and progress, number of messages sent along with open rate, and more.

Custom Reports

In addition to the standard reports that are available, Mobile Health provides the ability for employers to create custom reports using the ad hoc reporting tool. These reports can be created easily using any data element in Mobile Health.

Employer Dashboard

While having real-time data available is critical, it’s also important that the data is easily digestible. Mobile Health provides real-time aggregated dashboards that summarize employer-specific data into helpful data visualizations allowing for employers to better understand and make decisions on their wellbeing strategies.

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