Digital Health

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in everyone’s lives and provides access to critical information. Mobile Health brings this simplicity to healthcare with the touch of a button.

Care Management

With Mobile Health, you have digital access to help navigate chronic issues through online health services that align with your benefits package.

Digital Coaching and Journeys

Mobile Health’s digital coaching is rooted in behavioral science that uses both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to nurture members to take action. The coaching comes to life with the use of AI and algorithms. As the individual interacts with the platform, their experience changes based on needs, preferences, and actions. This allows for truly targeted content and the creation of personalized health pathways. Each journey provides members with evidence-based tools and resources that make it easy to create a personalized sense of wellbeing.


When an individual requires health or wellbeing services, the last thing they need to be tasked with is searching for information. Mobile Health integrates with all of your medical and non-medical benefits, including point solutions for chronic conditions, medical ID cards and benefit summaries, employee assistance programs, HSA account balances, retirement benefits, payroll, and more.

Discover a Simpler Way

See how Mobile Health makes it easier to reduce your risk and engage employees in healthy behaviors.