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Healthy cultures are built on supportive networks. Mobile Health understands your needs, whether you’re an employer, a health plan, or an advisor, and we help you engage each individual employee who finds success on a journey to living their best, healthiest life.


Supporting Everyone in the Wellbeing Journey

Together, we can help people live longer, healthier lives. It starts with member engagement that drives behavior change. As your employees and members adopt healthier lifestyles, you will see the improvements to healthcare outcomes, the increases in employee satisfaction and engagement, and the ability to control healthcare costs.

Bringing Simplicity to Complexity

The reality of each individual’s health journey is complex. It requires data from dozens, or even hundreds, of vendors such as medical carriers, TPAs, supporting HR and benefits applications and platforms, devices, incentives, content, and resources. Mobile Health tames this complexity on the back end with our highly configurable platform, and makes everything easy on the front end with personalized communication for employees that makes their health journeys comprehensible, meaningful, and frictionless.

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