Building a culture of health can feel like a complicated, never-ending battle. You and your organization make big investments in employee health and wellbeing programs to improve the lives of your employees. But with the wrong partner, these programs can be difficult to administer and deliver little impact. Mobile Health takes direct aim at changing that reality.

We want to help you simplify your programs, increase engagement, control your costs, and improve the employee experience.

Maximize Your Investment in Employee Benefits

Mobile Health is designed to make your life easier, so you can make it easier for employees to engage with health and wellbeing programs. Our hub streamlines employee access to personalized HR, benefits, wellbeing, and employer communications. Employees will know what to do because they will know what’s in it for them and how to engage. You’ll find it easier to execute complex population health, cost management, engagement, and wellbeing strategies. With Mobile Health, you can:

Aggregate disparate HR, benefits, wellbeing, and healthcare data

We bring together a holistic view of the population, so you can create on-demand cost-control strategies.

Lower healthcare costs

Targeting communication, education, and health reminders to employees makes it easier to manage the chronic conditions and high-risk populations that drive a majority of your costs.

Simplify complex incentive programs

With Mobile Health, it’s easier to reward employee behavior for outcomes, activity-based programs, and ACA alternatives. You will experience better outcomes that reduce costs.

Make your life easier

We are built from the ground up for fast implementation, on-demand client changes, easy integrations with third-party vendors, and unlimited scalability at a low cost.

Discover a Simpler Way

See how Mobile Health makes it easier to reduce your risk and engage employees in healthy behaviors.

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