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Smart Technology White Paper

White Paper

In recent years, mHealth innovations such as electronic health records, wearables, smartphone apps, and artificial intelligence have radically altered the healthcare industry. As a result, these technologies are changing the ways patients and providers interact.

Learn how smart technologies are helping pick up where medical care leaves off by opening up a world of possibilities for patients and providers in the midst of a growing disconnect.

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Diverse Population Employer Case Study

Case Study

Download this best-practice case study to learn how a company was able to turn their HRA into a highly targeted wellness strategy.

Learn how they were able to identify their Population Health Risks to build an Evidence-Based Wellness Strategy that included:

  1. Personalized mobile communications for members
  2. Direct access to 100% of their health plan participants
  3. Increased employee engagement
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The Proof Case Study

Case Study

Who could have predicted the smartphone would be a key factor in helping to solve the U.S. Healthcare Crisis? Finally there is proof, that if the power of mobile is harnessed correctly, it will drive employees to be engaged in their health.

Download this case study to learn how an organization leveraged the power of mobile, resulting in a 375% improvement in employee engagement, compared to their previous methods!

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Advisors Who Make A Difference Case Study

Case Study

It’s a given that not all advisors are the same. Some stick to more traditional consulting while others push the envelope and challenge their clients to think “big”.

Learn how one advisor was able to completely change their client’s communication, social and engagement culture using mobile technology.

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Administering A Custom Wellness Program Case Study

Case Study

It seems all we hear about in the media is double-digit increases when it comes to health care expenses, but not all companies are experiencing this trend.

The most proactive companies have learned to take control of their health care costs and are realizing zero trend results!

Learn how the most forward thinking companies have learned to leverage existing resources, creating healthier and more productive employee populations, by using technology to scale what physicians have been doing for years!

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Digital Technology Case Study

Case Study

Diversity now needs to encompasses not only ethnic origin and gender but also factors such as age, health, education, skill set, and work location. Because of this transformation, companies have had to adopt new communication and engagement strategies to meet employees where they are.

Learn how this company pushed boundaries with big data, clinical innovation, and digital technology to create healthcare collaboration while enhancing employee experience to improve workforce productivity, health, and wellbeing.

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