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Palo Alto, CA – June 10, 2024 – Mobile Health Consumer, Inc. (“Mobile Health” or the “Company”) is thrilled to announce a growth investment by H.I.G. Growth Partners (“H.I.G. Growth”), the dedicated growth capital investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital. Mobile Health is a comprehensive digital health, wellness, and virtual care SaaS platform aimed at reducing healthcare costs for employers while enhancing employee engagement and health outcomes.

Mobile Health empowers employees to proactively manage their health by identifying risks and utilizing personalized incentives for appropriate care. This approach not only reduces health risks for employees but also leads to significant cost savings for employers. The platform currently serves over 4.5 million lives and boasts a diverse client base of more than 90,000, ranging from small businesses to some of the world’s largest employers.

Eric Tencer, Managing Director at H.I.G. Growth, remarked, “Mobile Health’s innovative platform and flexible low-code technology allow for scalable deployment across various channels and employer sizes. We are excited to collaborate with the Mobile Health team to deliver solutions that enhance employee health and reduce healthcare costs.”

Palo Alto, Ca. March 3, 2023.- Mobile Health, Inc., a leading digital health & wellbeing company, is excited to announce that industry veteran and Co-Founder of VillageMD, Paul Martino, will be joining the company’s Board of Directors. Prior to co-founding VillageMD, Martino was a career health plan executive, most recently as the Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Innovation at Anthem.

Paul is a well-known industry thought leader and has been a pioneer in the field of Value-Based Primary Care. As Co-Founder of VillageMD, he saw the opportunity early on and helped to build the company into the largest Value-Based Primary Care company in the country. His experience and knowledge will be invaluable to Mobile Health as we continue to innovate and grow in the digital health and wellbeing space.

“We are thrilled to have Paul join our Board of Directors,” said John Halloran, CEO of Mobile Health. “His experience and insights will be invaluable as we continue to drive innovation and growth in the digital health and wellbeing market. We are confident that Paul’s leadership and industry expertise will help us to continue to provide the highest level of service and support to our clients and to drive innovation in the digital health and wellbeing space.”

Press Release


Palo Alto, Ca. March 3, 2023.  Mobile Health’s Digital Health Anywhere delivery model is the only one of its kind in the industry, providing employers, health plans, and providers with the tools they need to address the challenges of the current health, wellbeing, and workforce landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a perfect storm of labor shortages, employee retention struggles, and skyrocketing healthcare costs. The prolonged shelter-in-place orders have resulted in lingering poor individual health, and employers, healthplans, and providers are seeking solutions to help individuals cope. With its comprehensive suite of Digital Health & Wellbeing services, Mobile Health offers a unique solution that addresses these challenges at scale.

Mobile Health’s Digital Health Anywhere seamlessly integrates health management and holistic wellbeing capabilities directly into partners’ mobile and web experiences. Now its easier than ever to deploy end-to-end Digital Health & Wellbeing platform services or access Digital Health Anywhere natively embedded in partners HCM, health plan, or provider platforms. The platform contains a full suite of customizable personalized care modules to manage behavioral health, pre-diabetes, diabetes, musculoskeletal, metabolic health, women’s health, and more.


Employers tend to offer too many digital health and wellbeing point solutions to their employees, which creates a fragmented employee experience. As a result, individuals feel confused and frustrated and can’t fully enjoy their employer-sponsored benefits. 

Mobile Health’s Virtual Care can help solve this. It is a fully integrated organic offering that gives you and your employees a single place to find everything you need to live a better life, from diabetes prevention to women’s health and pregnancy support.

Press Release

Better workplace wellbeing has become a top priority for employers over the past year. Consequently, Mobile Health became the fastest-growing digital health and wellbeing technology company after adding 40,000 new employer customers in 2022.

According to this year’s Health Employer Sponsored Health & Wellbeing Survey, most business leaders will maintain or continue to expand their investments in wellbeing over the next three to five years.


To develop and sustain employee engagement, it is key to take into consideration employee wellbeing. These are two factors that influence each other mutually. Hence having a set wellness strategy in place can have extraordinary benefits on employee engagement. 

Our Engagement Best Practice report proposes several incentive strategies that can motivate employees to change their behavior and improve their wellness journey, consequently driving higher levels of engagement.


With the COVID-19 pandemic constantly evolving, new strains coming into play, and vaccination policies changing, returning to the office can be a challenge for HR leaders and managers. Fortunately, technology can simplify this challenge by optimizing your internal communications and ensuring compliance with vaccine and test tracking.

Mobile Health has developed a Return to Work app, a personalized and employee-centric tracking app that will help companies with their communications, workplace safety and wellbeing, and reporting.

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As we start emerging from the pandemic, leaders are reconsidering their value proposition to their employees. Now, they are offering more added-value services to them, like incorporating mental health programs or EAPs within their organization.

Holistic wellbeing programs can help employers support their workforce to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow adequate treatment programs. Partnering with a good program can significantly affect ROI and VOI within an organization. They can be beneficial in several ways, from cutting PEPY costs to reducing high emotional stress and improving productivity.

Press Release

Mobile Health announces the launch of the new organically developed Digital Therapeutics suite (DTx). This will help members have AI-based communication and targeted incentives fully integrated into their digital health and wellbeing experience. 

DTx, as part of the natural evolution of the digital health world, will make it easier for employers to lower costs while still supporting their workforce with the best health and wellbeing solutions.

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